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Contact U-Haul:

Customer Service: +1 (800) 789-3638 or +1-800-GO-U-HAUL



We are an Authorized Dealer

Our auto mechanic shop is primarily an auto mechanic, but we offer UHaul's local customers the opportunity to pick up or drop off their rentals at our location. We are authorized by UHaul to access their dealer network and reservation access. We don't have full access to provide extended UHaul customer service but we are able to utilize their network and point of sale site to get you where you need to be. 


Important Uhaul Customer Service Numbers If you’re looking for Uhaul customer service numbers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most important numbers you’ll need to know: Uhaul truck sales: 800-331-4054 Corporate Public Relations: 1-800-528-0361 Supply & Purchasing: 1-800-223-6218 Real Estate: 1-866-873-1584 Become a U-Haul Dealer: 1-800-528-0361 Careers: 1-866-870-9850 Uhaul 10-foot Truck Gas Mileage: How to Save Money on Your Next Move Corporate Sales: 1-800-528-6042 Sustainability: 1-866-963-0286 Car Share: 1-866-323-4591 Propane: 1-800-528-0361 x624103 Moving Supplies: 1-866-277-6855 1-866-BOX IT UP (1-866-269 4887) Storage: 1-877-GO-UHAUL (1-877-468-4285) Payments: 1-888-886-0782 Abandoned Equipment: 1-888-886-0782 Claims: 1-800-528-7134 (USA), 1-800-661-1069 (Canada). Report accident or damage: 1-800-528-7134

Our Process

     The process to our U-Haul rental success is in the U-Haul Authorized Dealer Network. To best serve our U-Haul customers reserving a rental with U-Haul customer service online would benefit the time it takes to process verification methods for a new customer account. If the customer arrives seeking simply to pickup a rental we would need only dispatch the unit in just a few mouse clicks. 

 Night Time Pickup

     The customer has the opportunity to pickup their rental during our off hours. If the rental is reserved by U-Haul customer service the customer would be given a code to the secured U-Haul lock boxes located just outside of our office door. 
Drop Off

     We are here to receive rentals that are scheduled to return to our location for local round-trip customers. For closed hours U-Haul customers may place the key and contract to the rentals into our night drop box located in the center between the two secured U-Haul lock boxes mounted on our front office door. Our office will process your return when we return during open hours. 

      Please feel free to contact U-Haul customer services for more information or if you have any custom requirements for service. 

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